Aside from the amazing high quality taste, our award winning chocolate spreads can boast some impressive benefits too and that is because we use a sweetener called Maltitol.  Maltitol is a member of a family of sweeteners known as sugar alcohols or polyols and is derived from corn or wheat.  It has nearly half the calories than sugar, is kinder to teeth and suitable for Diabetics (for more info click http://www.diabetes.co.uk/sweeteners/maltitol.html)

Maltitol has been deemed safe to use by the Scientific Committee for Food of the European Union (EU).  While there is no daily intake limit placed on its use, very high consumption (over 100g per day or nearly a whole jar) ‘may’ cause a laxative effect.


We’re very aware of the environmental issues relating to the production of palm oil and therefore have joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and follow its sustainability criteria and certification scheme to match productivity with the respect for biodiversity and local populations. 100% of our palm oil has been segregated and certified as sustainable by the RSPO. The RSPO is an international organisation that sets the standards of good practices for palm oil production that respect the environment and local communities.